Bergen Systems


TR 500

A very useful product for material handling and carrying instruments from one table to another or from one department to another department. With rounded sides, top is made from thick particle board.

  • Trolley is fitted with castors.
  • Bottom shelf adjustable in height.
  • Best way to manage your production and Quality environment.


Dimensions : Width: 500 mm
Depth: 800 mm

Height: 750 mm
Top Shelf : Width 500 mm
Depth 800 mm with side support of
rounded Aluminium extrusion
Bottom Shelf : Width 450 mm
Depth 650 mm with side support of
rounded Alumunium extrusion
Side Support : Aluminium extrusion of 100 mm width
Wheels : 3” or 4”dia fixed into the Aluminium extrusion
Handle : Stainless Steel


1) All parts except the Stainless Steel are powder coated
2) No projecting screws or sharp parts, to avoid harm / injury to the operator.


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